Transnational Vulnerabilities in Governance, Employment, Health and Education: Finding Inclusive Solutions in the US and Africa

African Social Research Initiative (ASRI) Biannual Conference
October 11-12, 2013

The African Studies Center's African Social Research Initiative (ASRI) is holding a conference in October entitled Transnational Vulnerabilities in Governance, Employment, Health and Education: Finding Inclusive Solutions in the US and Africa. Recognizing that many vulnerabilities are transnational makes possible the discussion of solutions that transcend national boundaries.

The conference will use the tools of social research to identify and measure the major gaps in health, housing, education, employment and welfare at national and sub-national levels.

Conference goals include: 

  • Bringing scholars and policymakers into dialogue with each other about the most advanced techniques for conducting social research and how research findings can be translated into policies that are both inclusive and equitable. 
  • Sharing the tools and techniques of data analysis that have been developed at the University of Michigan, and highlighting the work of both established and emerging scholars from countries in Africa and from the United States.




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Co-sponsors: Center for Political Studies, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies (DAAS)

Access, Accountability and Equality

July 22-23, 2011 - Accra, Ghana

This conference critically evaluated development targets and investigated the abiding inter-sectoral challenges of democratic accountability, equality, and access to health and other social services in Ghana, South Africa, and neighboring countries in the region. The conference panels highlighted data-driven papers, providing original research based on the analyses of recent surveys, as well as reflection on the quality and comprehensiveness of data sources in the region.  Keynote speakers included Professor Ernest Aryeetey, a noted economist and the Vice- Chancellor of the University of Ghana and Professor Murray Leibbrandt, Director of the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit.

ASRI’s Inaugural Conference

July 2-3, 2009 - Cape Town, South Africa

The conference explored the uses of different measurement tools and what they yield across multiple fields of research. Participants explained the applications of survey data, including experimental approaches. They also examined public opinion research and explained the challenges of panel and longitudinal data to measure and explain income dynamics, gender change, and/or democratic governance. As stated above, the conference provided the foundation for the creation of several research partnerships that have already borne fruit.