"The State of Armenian Studies"

The State of Armenian Studies

In  2008 the ASP has initiated a special project on “The State of Armenian Studies” that will result in a report on the subject with the cooperation of the National Association for Armenian Studies and a large number of scholars around the world.

A first meeting of the workshop, with the participation of scholars from Armenia, Europe and the US, met on campus on September 2008 and defined the parameters of the project. Since then the team has collected a large amount of information on Armenian studies chairs, programs, libraries, organizations and institutions as well related materials. The collected data will constitute the basis for a draft report on the state of Armenian studies to be discussed at a second international workshop scheduled to meet in October 2011.

The final report and supporting data will be made available to all concerned and to the public at large sometime in early 2012.

Given the significant differences in the understanding, practice and even the definition of the field, the project director and manager decided that at this stage the project should be limited to institutions in the Diaspora.

The project is directed by Professor Gerard Libaridian and managed by U-M Ph.D. student in Near Eastern Studies Vahe Sahakyan, with volunteer support from U-M MA student Naira Tumanyan.

The project is supported by the Harry Ardashes Paul Memorial Fund of the Armenian Studies Program.