This section of the ASP website includes information about University of Michigan and other Armenian Studies resources. Please be advised that materials available on this site are for the use of the Armenian Studies Program. Inquiries for replication can be directed to the ASP office.

Scholarly Resources

  • American Research Institute of the South Caucasus
  • Bibliography on the South Caucuses since 1990. Prepared by Richard Antaramian, Jeremy Johnson, and Michael Pifer as partial requirement for a graduate seminar taught by Professor Gerard Libaridian during the Winter 2007 term.
  • "Hnchak" Newspaper Collection (1887-1915). Digitized collection available at ASP.
    The Social Democratic Hnchakian (Hunchakian) Party was the first Armenian political organization that became a national/international organization aiming at the liberation of Ottoman Armenians. The central organ of the party was the "Hnchak," published in Geneva, where the party was founded in 1887. The collection of "Hnchak" issues presented here covers the period 1887-1915 issues, including the publications as "Hnchaks"s of rival factions of the party in 1903. Few full collections remain.
    The digitization and webposting of the "Hnchak" collection from the National Library of Armenia was made possible by the the Nor Serount Cultural Association and the Social Democratic Hnchakian Party/California.
  • Transaction Publishers, Armenian Studies Catalogue