Weiser Faculty Grants awarded to U-M faculty

Oct 28, 2011 Bookmark and Share

The following CES affiliated faculty members have received Weiser Faculty Grants in the first phase of the 2011-12 awards competition:

Geneviève Zubrzycki (Sociology) for her research project: “Philo-Semitism and the Jewish Renaissance: Stretching the Symbolic Boundaries of the Nation in Democratic Poland”; 

James Hathaway (Law) for a project based on the Refugee Case Law Site to develop an EU taxonomy with graduate student research assistants: "Refugee Status in Europe: Evolving EU Standards and International Law";

Scott Greer (Public Health) for an international conference “Governing through Data: Comparative Rankings and Policy Change in the European Union”; and 

Lisa Kane Low and Ray DeVries (Nursing) for the comparative study “Models of Maternity Care” and lessons learned of contrasting systems in the Netherlands and US. This study aims to provide understanding about providing services to diverse communities of women in order to expand the breadth and depth of services needed by newer groups within the EU, specifically immigrant and migrant communities of women and their families, as well as by disadvantaged populations in the US.