Igor Guardiancich

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Guardiancich 2012

EUI Post-doctoral fellow

  • Fields of Study
    • political economy of reforms in Central, East and Southeast Europe
    • post-socialist and pan-European social policy
  • About

    Igor Guardiancich graduated in Economics at the Università di Trieste in 2001 and obtained his Master’s degree in Political Economy of Transition at the London School of Economics in 2003. The following year he joined the European University Institute, where he defended his PhD entitled Pension Reforms in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe: Legislation, Implementation and Sustainability. This entailed thorough fieldwork research in Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia.

    He has a growing research and publication record in the social policy field, with a particular focus on pensions. The book based on his PhD dissertation is forthcoming in 2012 with Routledge (for recent publications, see below).

     Igor Guardiancich is currently a Post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Political Science of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He is teaching an undergraduate course on the Political Economy of Transition in Europe.

    His working and research experience includes periods spent at the European Commission - DG Enlargement (2005), at the European Trade Union Institute (2008) and at the Academic Careers Observatory of the Max Weber Programme (2010-11). Through the Observatoire social européen (2009-11) he acted as consultant for the Belgian federal government and for the European Commission - DG Employment (on social security coordination and portability in Europe). He recently wrote a report on social dialogue during the Slovenian 2010 pension reform for the International Labour Organization.

    He collaborates with various research networks: 

    • RECWOWE, Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe, on the interplay between flexicurity and old-age pensions;
    • the ERSTE Foundation Social Research Fellowship ‘Generations in Dialogue’, on social inclusion and pensions in former Yugoslavia; and
    • the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, on the evolution of the Slovenian welfare state. He conducted research for the University of Milan on the evolution of pan-European pension funds.

    Guardiancich, I. 2012. Pension Reforms in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe: From Post-Socialist Transition to the Global Financial Crisis. London: Routledge, forthcoming.

       2011. The Uncertain Future of Slovenian Exceptionalism. East European Politics and Societies.

       2011. The Survival and Return of Institutions: Examples from Pension Reforms in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. West European Politics 34, no. 5: 976-96.

       2011. Pan-European Pension Funds: Current Situation and Future Prospects. International Social Security Review 64, no. 1: 15-36.

       2010. Pensions and Social Inclusion in Three ex-Yugoslav Countries: Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Acta Oeconomica 62, no. 2: 161-95.

  • Education
    • European University Institute, PhD in Social and Political Sciences
  • Awards
    • Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche - Premio Giovani Stuiosi, Best Policy Paper (2008)
    • London School of Economics, Graduate Merit Award (2003)
  • Grants
    • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Grant for paper on Welfare States in Transition (2010)
    • European University Institute Fourth Year Grant (2008)
    • European Centre Natolin, Poland - Paderewski Grant for Research on Polish Affairs (2008)
    • European Summer School in Policy Analysis, Eastern Europe Grant (2006)
  • Presentations
    • Conversations on Europe. "Pension Policy in Central and East Europe:Reforms and Reversals"
    • University of Windsor, Canada, "The Demise of the Socialist System"
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Political Science