CES offers a graduate course on European Studies, which is required for students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in European and European Union Studies, as well as a graduate directed reading course. Students enrolled in the graduate certificate in European and European Union Studies (EEUS) or the minor in Modern European Studies (MES) should consult the CES advisor for approval of any course to be used toward their degree.  

EURO 600.001/HIST 698.001
European Studies Proseminar: Teaching European History After the Global Turn

This course explores the ways that transnational perspectives have changed the way historians think of “European” history. It aims for a wide audience of graduate students who expect to be responsible for teaching European history, without always being specialists in this field. The course will have a broadly chronological structure, paying close attention to the following themes:  the "Atlantic World," the Industrial Revolution, European imperialisms in the "Democratic Age," European integration in the era of decolonization and the Cold War, and European integration after 1989.

EURO 801 (Directed Reading) 

This course is available for students who wish to pursue independent study with a faculty member focused on European studies.

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