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Conversations on Europe

Fischer Lecture Event

The CES signature lectures series Conversations on Europe is a forum to which we invite distinguished public figures and intellectuals.

Annual Distinguished Lecture on Europe


The CES distinguished lecture brings students and scholars, leaders of American organizations invested in European affairs, and the public together to discuss topics introduced by our guests.

University of Michigan Libraries

U-M libraries, which currently hold more than 9.6 million volumes and over 8.9 million microforms, maps, and multimedia, together comprise one of the largest research collections in the country. The Library system provides access to over 83,000 current serials and over 1.9 million electronic books and is consistently ranked as one of the top ten academic research libraries in North America. Michigan ranks near the top in many criteria reported by the Association of Research Libraries. Foreign language holdings in the University Library exceed 2 million titles in 435 languages. The U-M Government Information Center is a depository for United Nations and the EU. These collections include official EU publications such as the Official Journal of the European Union and Eurostat publications. The Government Information Center provides access to a variety of related databases that facilitate discovery of and access to intergovernmental (IGO) publications, including AccessUN, a comprehensive index to UN documents and publications as well as a comprehensive UN microfiche collection. The Government Information Center has standing orders for all publications of UNESCO, the European Council, OECD, International Atomic Energy Agency, World Bank, and Human Rights Watch. Library commitment to IGO publications also includes International Labor Organization, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization serials.

In addition, the University Library collects government documents from national governments of EU countries. Digital collections (e.g., World Constitutions Illustrated) provide access to founding documents and commentary. The Library also collects parliamentary debates and papers published in other countries including a digital collection of British House of Commons Parliamentary Papers back to 1715. The Labadie Collection (part of the U-M Special Collections Library) is a recognized center for international social protest materials of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The international collections of the Map Library include more than 100,000 historical, military and topographical maps, including complete sets, at the largest available scale, for all of France, Italy, Greece, Poland, the UK, and Ireland.

The University Library HathiTrust digital repository is a newly developed cooperative access initiative led by the U-M Libraries. HathiTrust archives and makes searchable all of the books and journals digitized through the partners’ affiliations with the Google Books project. When completed the HathiTrust will be the largest and most comprehensive resource for public domain collections such as US Federal Government documents and UN Official Records.

The Law Library houses one of the foremost international and foreign law collections in the world and has extensive holdings in legal and constitutional history. It maintains a complete collection of primary material (e.g., national codes, treaties, legislation, court reports, and related finding aids) for every country of the world for which that is possible and collects heavily in foreign legal periodicals. The Law Library was one of the first depositories for documents from the European Community and has extensive collection of IGO publications including materials from the UN, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and World Trade Organization.

For more information on European and European Union holdings please contact Beau Case.

LSA Summer Language InstituteResources for summer language learning

When planning your summer, you may want to consider the  LSA Summer Language Institute (SLI).

  • Increase your fluency in a second or third language.
  • Acquire two terms of language study in one half-term intensive course.
  • Prepare for a study abroad experience.
  • Pursue upper level language courses in your spare time.
  • Course descriptions, dates, times, and application materials can be found on the SLI website.


U-M Specialists on Europe

Please see our faculty page for more information on U-M specialists on Europe.