Conversations on Europe

Fischer Lecture Event

The Conversations on Europe series, sponsored by the Center for European Studies (CES), is the signature lecture series on modern Europe and the European Union at U-M. Conversations on Europe lectures highlight the intellectual benefits to be gained from the creation of arenas in which scholarly debates can interact with actual political experiences. “Conversations on Europe” lectures are often produced in collaboration between CES and its partner centers CREES, WCED, and WCEE with exciting intellectual results. 

Past speakers include former EU Ambassadors to the United States, John Bruton and Angelos Pangratis; Cem Ozdemir, co-chair of the German Green Party; Walter Van Gerven, former Advocate General of the ECJ; Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland; Ian Buruma, professor and author; and Damien Geradin, professor of competition law and economics, Tilburg University. To view or listen to the lectures in this series please go to the CES Multimedia page.