CJS Faculty Research Grant

Program Summary

These grants are awarded on a competitive basis to any University faculty member pursuing research on any aspect of Japan. Grants may support individual or group projects. Funds can be used to provide partial support for salaries and benefits of a principal researcher; support for research assistants (including translators and interpreters); support for travel, lodging, meals, supplies (including books directly related to the project), and omiyage up to $250. Grants do not provide funding for permanent equipment.

The Center requests acknowledgment of its sponsorship and one copy of any publication(s) resulting from research funded by this grant program. The Center also reserves the right to invite awardees to make a presentation of research findings in its future lecture series or request their contribution to other programs at the Center’s discretion and at a time convenient to awardees and the Center.


University of Michigan faculty members doing research on Japan.


From $500 to $30,000 per project.


March 8, annually.

Application Procedures

Download the Faculty Research Grant Application (MS Word document).