A minimum of 30 hours graduate level course work selected from courses offered in the Middle Eastern and North African Studies program, distributed over three to five fields  (maximum 15 hours in one field) such as: anthropology, history, history of art, languages and literatures, political science, religion and civilization, and sociology.

Two terms of Middle Eastern history, equivalent to History 442 (The First Millennium of the Islamic Near East) and History 443 (The Modern Middle East since 1760).  One or both terms of this requirement may be waived by the Center’s graduate advisor if comparable courses were taken at the undergraduate level.  If the courses are waived, students will choose alternate approved history courses.

MENAS 493 (Comparative Perspectives of the Middle East and North Africa)

One term of the advanced seminar Study of the Middle East (MENA 695) or the equivalent approved by the academic advisor.

A minimum competence of the 3rd year level of a modern language of the region through either course work or demonstrated competence. No graduate credit is given for language courses below the 400 level and thus will not count toward the 30 required hours.

A research essay equivalent to a substantial term paper, submitted for approval by two faculty members, OR, with the Center director's approval, a non-essay option of 36 hours of graduate level courses.

In addition to the above course requirements, the student must fulfill the graduate school's residence, grade and time requirements as stated in the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures.