Dual degree programs with the Schools of Business and Law are available. Students interested in a dual degree must apply to and be admitted by both schools, using their respective application forms and indicating that the application is being made to the dual program.

More information (including degree requirements) on these programs is available in the linked documents.

Dual Degree Program- Law School

Students may pursue concurrent work in the program in Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies and the Law School leading to the MA and JD degrees. This dual degree program recognizes the growing need for specialists who combine training in law with knowledge of the Middle East and gives students the opportunity to take advantage of expanding employment opportunities brought about by increased United States governmental and commercial relations with the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The program is arranged so that all requirements for both degrees may be completed in three and one-half to four years of concurrent enrollment. 
Dual MA/JD Information

Dual Degree Program- Business School

The School of Business Administration and the Rackham School of Graduate Studies offer a dual degree program enabling a small number of qualified persons to pursue concurrent work in business administration and Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies leading to the MBA and MA degrees. The program is arranged so that all requirements for both degrees are completed in two and one-half years of enrollment.
Dual MBA/MA Information

Individualized Dual Masters Degrees


It is possible for students to pursue dual degrees even when there is no formal joint degree program in place.  Self-initiated dual degrees can be developed when that is the most appropriate way to prepare a student for their career.  In recent years, MENAS students have initiated their own dual degree programs with The School of Public Health and The Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy.