The Master’s Thesis should be at least 50 typed, double-spaced pages, but not exceed 100
pages and should represent greater breadth and depth than an average term paper submitted
for an upper level seminar. In exceptional cases, previously graded work can be used for the
thesis, but it must be substantially amplified, incorporating additional original research and
must be approved be the CMENAS director or associate director. The student must either use
primary sources or a theoretical framework to organize the material in an original way.
Students should expect to have to make revisions recommended by their readers.

The thesis should be prepared in accordance with the dissertation style and format specified in Appendix I of the Rackham Handbook for Doctoral candidates (an abstract is not required) or with the thesis styles described in the University of Chicago Press, A Manual of Style; Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Thesis, and Dissertations, or William R. Parker, MLA Style Sheet.


  1. The student selects a thesis advisor during the first year on campus and together they agree on a research topic for the thesis and on a second reader. The thesis advisor will be the primary reader, responsible for guidance with respect to the overall content, quality and style of the thesis. The primary reader will also monitor the progress of the research and writing. The secondary reader is responsible for overall content, quality and style of the thesis.
  2. The student will submit a one-page prospectus and supporting bibliography to each reader and the Center Director. Both readers will be asked to submit to the Center their written approval of the prospectus. (See attached “Approval of Prospectus” form.)
  3. The student will submit the thesis in final form to each reader and to the Center Director. Both readers will be asked to submit to the Center their written acceptance of the completed thesis. (See attached “Thesis Acceptance Form”.)


The Master’s Thesis may be submitted either in the Fall or Winter term of the student’s final year. The deadlines below apply to Fall or Winter terms. (Students planning to graduate in the spring/summer terms should make arrangements well in advance to ensure the availability of faculty readers.)

  1. Notify the Center of your primary reader (thesis advisor) before the end of your first year on campus.
  2. Notify the Center of your thesis topic and primary and secondary readers using the “Approval Prospectus” forms and submit the one-page prospectus and supporting bibliographies by the middle of the term (7 weeks after classes begin) preceding the term of graduation to the Center and the two readers.
  3. Submit a draft of the thesis by the middle of the final term of residence to your two readers.
  4. Submit three copies of the revised thesis, one to the primary reader, one to the secondary reader, and one to the Center director for approval.
  5. Submit two signed “Thesis Approval” forms indicating approval, from both your primary and secondary readers, to the Center director before the first day of the examination period of the final term of residence for final approval.