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Welcome to the Resource Section of the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies Outreach website. One major element of our mission is to provide resources for researchers, teachers, students and the community interested in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia.

9/27/2012 Lecture: After the Arab Spring: Democratic Summer, not Islamic Winter

1/16/2012 Symposium: The Arab Spring: One Year In

9/14/2011 Q&A: Ask M - Juan Cole responds to questions about the aftermath of 9/11

5/19/2011 Panel Discussion: Intervention and the Dilemmas of Security in Afghanistan

5/18/2011 Lecture: Afghanistan 2014 A Photojournalist Capturing a War Without End

5/17/2011 Lecture: The Shah and Ayatollahs: Ruptures and Continuities in Iranian Politics

2/11/2011 Lecture: Struggle Against Authoritarian Rule in the Middle East

Fall 2009 Colloqium Series: War and Warfare in the Middle East

Fall 2008 Colloqium Series: Religion and the Subversive