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Fall 2015 Calendar
2014-15 Annual Report

CREES issues three regular publications: the annual Polish studies newsletter, Kopernikana; the bi-annual WCEE Events Calendar; and the Weiser Center Annual Report. Click the images above for the latest of each, or follow the links below for more information and to download publication PDFs.


Kopernikana, the annual Polish studies newsletter, reports on Copernicus Program in Polish Studies and other University of Michigan activities related to Poland. Visit our Kopernikana page for the archive.


WCEE Events Calendars & Annual Reports

In Fall 2008, CREES became an affiliate of the Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia (WCEE), which also includes the Center for European Studies (CES) and the Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies (WCED). With its WCEE partners, CREES currently publishes bi-annual events calendars and annual reports.

Fall 2015 Calendar
Visit the CREES Events page to see upcoming events and search the archive.

2014-15 Annual Report
Visit the WCEE Annual Reports page to view the Annual Report archive.


CREES News Archive

CREES News was published bi-annually through Winter 2008 and included information about Center events as well as news about our faculty, visiting scholars, students, and alumni.

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