John Jackson

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John Jackson

Professor Emeritus, Political Science

  • Affiliation(s)
    • CREES, Political Science, CES, WCED
  • Fields of Study
    • American government and politics, political economy, political and economic transition in Poland
  • About

    Professor Jackson's major interest is the creation, evolution, and growth of market economies, with a concentration on the dynamics of firm creation, growth, and death. He is modeling these processes to understand how a wide variety of economic, political, and sociological factors affect these dynamics. The research integrates concepts from industrial organization, organizational ecology, dynamic systems, and econometrics. The subject matter ranges from an intensive study of Michigan's economy between 1978 and the present, to studies comparing U.S. states in the 1970's and 1980's, to data collections and analysis in Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. A second interest is the development and statistical estimation of models of the dynamics of two-party electoral competition in a situation where voters' preferences are endogenous and where political parties have multi-valued objective functions. Early results indicate that these extensions lead to quite different electoral processes and outcomes. Professor Jackson's methodological interests focus on evolutionary models with path dependent properties and the implication of those models for empirical analysis. Those models are increasingly being applied to the study of economic and political institutions, but we have a poor idea of how to test propositions derived from these models.

  • Education
    • Harvard University, Ph.D. (Political Economy and Government)
    • Harvard University, M. P. A. (Public Administration)
    • Carnegie-Mellon University, M.S. (Industrial Management)
    • Carnegie-Mellon University, B.A. (Industrial Management)
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