Graduate Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships, Recent Awardees

In recent years, CREES has awarded Graduate Academic Year and Summer FLAS Fellowships to the following University of Michigan Students:

Graduate Academic Year Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

Awarded to U-M graduate and professional school students for study of modern languages and related area studies with support from the U.S. Department of Education and U-M.


Andrew McIntyre, MA REES (Uzbek)
Bradley Novreske, MA REES/JD Law (Russian)
Anna Sadovnikova, MA REES/MPH Public Health (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
Stephanie Skier, PhD History (Polish)
Marian Smith, PhD Near Eastern Studies (Uzbek)


Alena Aniskiewicz, PhD Slavic (Ukrainian)
Rebecca Dulemba, MA REES (Polish)
Christopher Fort, PhD Slavic (Persian)
Victoria Garcia, MA REES (Russian)
Merrybelle Guo, MPH Public Health (Uzbek)
Haley Laurila, PhD Slavic (Russian)
James Meador, PhD Anthropology (Russian)
Eoin Power, MA REES (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
Benjamin Sweeney, MA REES/MPP Public Policy (Armenian)


Jasmine Arpagian, MA REES (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
Rebecca Dulemba, MA REES (Polish)
Colleen Fitzharris, MA REES/JD Law (Russian)
Christopher Fort, PhD Slavic (Persian)
Evan Fralin, MA REES (Russian)
Frank Hennick, MA REES (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
William Runyan, PhD Comparative Literature (Russian)
Perry Sherouse, PhD Anthropology (Russian)
Barbara Zukowski, PhD Comparative Literature (Polish)


Jasmine Arpagian, MA REES (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
Danielle Czarnecki, PhD Sociology (Polish)
Johanna Folland, PhD History (Polish)
Meghan Forbes, PhD Slavic Languages & Literatures (Czech)
Amanda Getty, PhD Slavic Languages & Literatures (Polish)
Elizabeth Nelson, MA REES (Russian)
William Stroebel, Comparative Literature (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
Heather Tidrick, PhD Social Work & Anthropology (Hungarian)
Nenad Tomasevic, MA REES & MBA Business (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)

Graduate Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

Awarded to U-M graduate and professional school students for intensive language study with support from the U.S. Department of Education.


Alena Aniskiewicz, PhD Slavic (Polish)
Erica Feldman, PhD Anthropology (Krygyz)
Victoria Garcia, MA REES (Russian)
Haley Laurila, PhD Slavic (Russian)
Nevila Pahumi, PhD History (Turkish)
Eoin Power, MA REES (Serbian)


Rebecca Dulemba, MA REES (Polish)
Victoria Garcia, MA REES (Russian)
Jamie Parsons, PhD Slavic (Polish)
Reina Saco, MA REES (Russian)
Marian Smith, PhD Near Eastern Studies (Russian)


Victoria Garcia, MA REES (Russian, Monterey Institute of International Studies)
Frank Hennick, MA REES (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, University of Pittsburgh)
Nevena Paripovic, MSE Industrial & Operations Engineering (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Serbia)
Anna Whittington, PhD History (Kazakh, Kazakhstan)


Meghan Forbes, PhD Slavic (Czech, Czech Republic)
Jeremy Johnson, MA REES/PhD Anthropology & History (Georgian, Georgia)
Francesca Minonne, PhD Romance Languages & Literatures (Romanian, Indiana University)
Elizabeth Nelson, MA REES (Russian, Indiana University)
Jamie Parsons, PhD Slavic (Russian, Russia)
Kimberly Powers, PhD Anthropology & History (Russian, Indiana University)
Sarah Sutter, PhD Slavic (Ukrainian, Ukraine)
Heather Tidrick, PhD Anthropology & Social Work (Hungarian, Hungary)
Nenad Tomasevic, MA REES/MBA Business (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Montenegro)