Study Abroad

Moscow Study Tour, 2008. Alaina Lemon, associate professor of anthropology, with U-M students and their Russian hosts. Photo by Zane Salim.

CREES Study Tours

CREES occasionally sponsors short-term interdisciplinary study tours in Poland and Russia. The Center's most recent offering was a Moscow Study Tour in May 2008.  Please re-visit the CREES website for future programs. In addition, CREES, the International Institute, and other U-M units offer grants to support individually-developed internships and research projects in the region (see Student Funding). 

Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS)

U-M's Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS) offers several semester and year-long study abroad opportunities in Eastern Europe and Russia for which U-M students receive in-residence (not transfer) credit. Visit M-Compass to search for current program offerings in the Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, and Russia.

University of Michigan Travel Policy

Effective 9/1/11, all U-M students traveling abroad for University-related purposes (i.e., participating in study, research, work, or volunteer programs organized or supported by U-M departments/units or for which U-M in-residence credit is granted) are required to 

  1. Register their travel in the U-M Travel Registry and 
  2. Buy U-M’s Travel Abroad Health Insurance. Students may also buy this insurance for personal or leisure travel abroad. For information about the plan's benefits and costs, see Travel Abroad Health Insurance.

For information about immunizations and other travel-related health matters, see Travel Health Services.

Other Education Abroad Options in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia

Some students opt to pursue study abroad programs on their own that are not sponsored by U-M (see sample programs listed below). Courses taken on non-U-M programs may or may not count for credit or towards distribution or major requirements. Please consult with the LSA Academic Advising Center and your department advisor for advice on transfer credits before enrolling in these non-U-M programs. 

Two useful resources for program options are:

  1. The CREES opportunities blog
  2. The International Center's Overseas Opportunities Office (a clearinghouse for information on a broad range of education abroad options including study, internships, volunteering, etc.)

Programs at Other U.S. Colleges and Universities

Other Information Resources or Program Providers