Alumni News

Alumni, please send news on your activities since graduation to Include your name, class year(s), degree(s), current activities, as well as address updates so that we may send you occasional postings. Please let us know if we may post this news on our website and if we may share your contact information with current students or recent alumni interested in pursuing an internship or career in your field.

Guntra Aistara (MA REES/MS Natural Resources & Environment ‘98, PhD Natural Resources & Environment ‘08) is assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at Central European University in Budapest. (7/1/13)

Ilya Blinov (DMA ‘10) became lecturer in music at Susquehanna University. (9/18/12)

Jonathan Bolton (PhD Slavic ‘01) received the Modern Language Association’s 11th Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures for Worlds of Dissent: Charter 77, the Plastic People of the Universe, and Czech Culture under Communism (Harvard UP, 2012). (5/14/14)

Cynthia Buckley (BA Economics ‘85, MA REES ‘87, MA Sociology ‘88, PhD Sociology ‘91) became professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in August 2012. (9/18/12)

Susanne Cohen (PhD Anthropology ‘10) is lecturer in anthropology at the University of Chicago. (5/1/13)

Paul Duffy (PhD Anthropology ‘10) is a Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Research Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto. (7/1/13)

Ina Ganguli (MPP/REES Graduate Certificate ‘04) is assistant professor at the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. (7/1/13)

Anne Gorsuch (PhD History ‘92) is the author of All This is Your World: Soviet Tourism at Home and Abroad after Stalin (Oxford UP, 2011). (9/18/12)

Anne Gorsuch (PhD History ‘92) and Diane Koenker (MA History ’71, PhD History ’76) co-edited The Socialist Sixties: Crossing Borders in the Second World (Indiana UP, 2013). (6/15/13)

Kathryn Graber (MA Anthropology ’06, MA REES ’08, PhD Anthropology ‘12) is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies and Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow and Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University. (5/1/13)

Erik Herron (BA REES ‘90) has been promoted to professor of political science at the University of Kansas. (5/1/13)

Sonia Hirt (PhD Urban & Regional Planning ‘03) published Iron Curtains: Gates, Suburbs and Privatization of Space in the Socialist City (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012). (12/31/12)

Jesse Johnston (PhD Musicology ‘08, MSI ‘12) is a program officer in the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Division of Preservation and Access. (6/25/13)

Eric Anthony Jones (MA Political Science ‘76; PhD Political Science ‘88), a career Foreign Service Officer, is currently serving as Director for Middle East and North Africa, Office of Communications and Information Policy, in the State Department’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs in Washington, DC. He has served in Shanghai, Shenyang, Vladivostok, Sofia, and New Delhi.  (11/30/2012)

Lori Khatchadourian (PhD Classical Art & Archaeology ‘08) is assistant professor of Near Eastern studies at Cornell University. (6/25/13)

David Kostelancik (MA REES ‘88) became director of the Office of Russian Affairs at the U.S. Department of State in June 2012. (7/1/12)

Claudia Koziol (MPP ‘09) is a Foreign Service officer with USAID. (6/25/13)

Tijana Krstić (PhD History ‘04) authored Contested Conversions to Islam: Narratives of Religious Change in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (Stanford UP, 2011). (9/18/12)

Anna Kuxhausen (PhD History ‘06) published From the Womb to the Body Politic: Raising the Nation in Eighteenth-Century Russia (U of Wisconsin Press, 2012). (12/31/12)

Jonathan Larson (PhD Anthropology ‘07) published Critical Thinking in Slovakia after Socialism (U of Rochester Press, 2013). (7/1/13)

Erika Lehrer (PhD Anthropology ‘06) is the author of Jewish Poland Revisited: Heritage Tourism in Unquiet Places (Indiana UP, 2013). (6/25/13)

Morgan Y. Liu (PhD Anthropology ‘02), associate professor of anthropology and Near Eastern languages and cultures at The Ohio State University, published Under Solomon’s Throne: Uzbek Visions of Renewal in Osh (U of Pittsburgh Press, 2012). (12/31/12)

Irina Livezeanu (PhD History ‘86), associate professor of history at the University of Pittsburgh, is president of the Society for Romanian Studies. (9/18/12)

Anna Mirkova (PhD History ‘06) is assistant professor of history at Old Dominion University. (6/25/13)

Charles Myers (PhD Political Science ‘02) is director of the University Press of Kansas. (2/24/14)

Seth Oppenheim (JD ‘03) is associate deputy counsel in the FBI’s National Security Law Branch. (2/24/14)

Katy Pearce (BA REES ‘01) is assistant professor of communication at the University of Washington. (12/31/12)

Mark Pekala (BA Political Science ‘91) was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Latvia in 2012. (9/18/12)

Sarah Perrine (REES MA/MPP ‘06) is CEO of the Trust for Social Achievement, an organization seeking to increase educational and employment levels among Bulgaria’s Roma population. (5/1/13)

Joe Peschio (PhD Slavic ‘04) published The Poetics of Impudence and Intimacy in the Age of Pushkin (U of Wisconsin Press, 2012). (12/31/12)

Karen Petrone (PhD History ‘94) received the 2013 Heldt Prize for the Best Book in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian Studies for The Great War in Russian Memory (Indiana UP, 2011). (2/24/14)

Rachel Schroeder (MA REES ‘12) co-wrote the article "The Crimes and Punishments of the 'Enemies of the Church' and the Nature of the Nature of Russia's Desecularizing Regime" in Religion, State, and Society. (11/2/13)

William Reisinger (PhD Political Science ‘86) edited Russia’s Regions and Comparative Subnational Politics (Routledge, 2012). (12/31/12)

Maria Smith (REES MA/MPP ‘12) is a Nonproliferation Graduate Fellow at the National Nuclear Security Administration. (6/1/13)

Alice Weinreb (PhD History ‘09) is assistant professor of history at Utah State University. (6/25/13)