Faculty Research

With over 50 outstanding faculty working on South Asia, the Center for South Asian Studies supports faculty in 15 different departments across the Michigan campus. Below are some of our faculty associates' research projects and collaborations.  Some of these projects have been funded by the Trehan Foundation. Others described here are U-M collaborations with universities and organizations in India. 

Projects Funded by the Trehan Foundation

To date the University of Michigan Center for South Asian Studies, under the auspices of the Trehan Foundation, has awarded five grants to University of Michigan research projects.

Indian Archeological Resesarch

Professor Sinopoli is currently co-director of the "Early Historic Landscapes of the Tungabhadra Corridor" (EHLTC) project — a collaborative excavation project based in northern Karnataka in South India.

Visual India: A Trans-national Digital Archive for Popular Indian Visual Culture

This is a collaborative project between faculty at U-M, Heidelberg University in Germany and the SARAI/Center for the Study of Developing Societies in New Delhi.

Drinking Water in Nadia District, India

A project of biomarkers of arsenic exposure and assessment of risks of arsenic in drinking water in Nadia District, India.

Center for Global Resource Leverage: India

The Center for Global Resource Leverage: India is located in Bangalore, India. Scholars study the next practices of managers, including how they leverage global resources and access new markets

SNRE Links with India

Research for Realizing and Understanding Sustainability Transformations

SMART and the Chennai Mobility Project

Under the leadership of Dr. Peter Sweatman, Director of the Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), and Susan Zielinski, Managing Director of SMART

School of Public Health Study of Lead Exposure & Outcomes

This study aims to describe lead exposure and exposure-dose relationships of lead dose to neurobehavioral outcomes in primary school children in Chennai (formerly Madras), India.

Other Faculty Collaborations and Contacts in India