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Opportunities for Educators in Michigan:

World History Initiative, University of Michigan

Resources for Classroom use:


South Asia Centers and Other Resources:

Cornell University

University of Chicago

University of Texas

University of Wisconsin, (Madison)


World History Resources:

ORIAS, Berkerly, CA


Information on Afghanistan:

Maps etc


Information on Nepal:

An Interview with Janak Rai in Anthropology News, and article entitled, "Indigenous Autonomy: History and Political Movements in Nepal":



Cornell-Nepal Study Program: The introductory audio and video materials are available online at and the accompanying printed text can be purchased from the South Asia Program at Cornell. A large collection of textbooks from Nepal is also available online at


Himalayan Art, University of Michigan:


Sri Lanka: Photographic Archive of Professor Howard Wilson

Home page at 

Resources on human rights and politics in Sri Lanka:


Amnesty International

Asian Human Rights Commission

Government of Sri Lanka


Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka

Human Rights Watch

American Institute of Indian Studies:

Web site for AIIS workshop on women in South Asian Muslim societies, in partnership with the University of Chicago South Asia Language and Area Center, the American Institute of Pakistan Studies and the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies, on women in South Asian Muslim

The web site is intended to be a resource with information about curricula, internship opportunities in South Asia, language learning and fellowship opportunities, etc. It is also meant to be interactive so scholars are encouraged to add resources. Funding for the workshop and web site was provided by the generosity of the Carnegie Corporation of New York through the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. For more information about the workshop you can also go to: