Best Language Student Award

At the end of each academic year, our four Southeast Asian language instructors award the best language learner in their classes. 

The winner is awarded a certificate and is honored at our End of Year Awards Ceremony. 

Past winners include:


Sean-Mathew Calo for Filipino

James Den Uyl for Indonesian

Kohlee Marie Kennedy for Thai

Bianca Khanh-Linh for Vietnamese


Sean-Matthew Calo for Filipino

Nina Bhattacharya for Indonesian

Xing Heng Kwa for Thai

Minh Trieu Dang for Vietnamese


Charles Paneda for Filipino

Karen Li Yin Quek for Indonesian

Amelia Raines for Thai

Vu Thien Nguyen for Vietnamese


Jeremy Nolan for Filipino

Jason Lapadula for Indonesian

Andrew Silapaswan for Thai

Marwin Van for Vietnamese