Outside Scholar Funding

CSEAS has limited funding opportunities for scholars and educators who are not affiliated with the University of Michigan. Please see below for more information.

Academic Sharing Grant for Curriculum SupportGrants available to non-UM teaching staff to support curricular development focused on Southeast Asia

We offer grants for curriculum development related to Southeast Asia. Grants can be used to support a visit for up to three days at the University of Michigan.  Scholars have the opportunity to use one of the many Southeast Asia collections available at the University of Michigan and to consult with faculty during their visit.  All educators, including K-12 teachers and faculty from two- and four-year colleges and universities lacking significant Southeast Asian resources within their home institutions, are encouraged to apply. 

See our Academic Sharing flyer for more information.

Grant includes reimbursement for expenses at the federal level ($143/day for lodging and food combined; up to three days); mileage reimbursement, reproduction costs up to $30, and library privileges. 

Applicants should complete the application form and send a research proposal (1 page max) and budget. Proposal should include: teaching material sought, curriculum goals, and focus of new course/additional section of existing course. For those seeking to include Southeast Asia content in an existing course, please show how the Southeast Asia content will reach 25% of the total course content. Budget should use federal per diem rates for the Ann Arbor area and the federal mileage reimbursement rate, if driving.

Deadline:  Rolling.

CSEAS Library Fellowship

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies, the University Library, and the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan offers a four-week research fellowship to Southeast Asian scholars to use the research resources of the University of Michigan. Click here for more information.

World History Initiative: Teaching GloballyTeaching World History at Multiple Scales and in Multiple Contexts: Era 5 and Beyond

These very popular and very successful workshops are co-sponsored and planned by the University of Michigan’s International Institute and the School of Education in collaboration with the Eisenberg Institutes' Global Dimensions Project. 

Teacher participants have praised the workshops for both the intellectual content and the approaches to teaching world history. More significantly, teachers have used presentation materials and ideas with their students to enhance the ways they teach world history.

Information on future World History Initiative workshops coming soon.

For more information, contact worldhistory@umich.edu.