Undergraduate Programs

The University of Michigan offers a wide range of opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in Southeast Asian studies, whether through coursework, travel to the region, research, volunteer opportunities, or student activities. 

Study Abroad and Internships

Free Cultural Learning Experience in Thailand

December 2014
Application Deadline: November 21, 2014
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Indonesia Study Tour

CSEAS offers a funded summer trip to Indonesia and Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C., where students compare two of the world's largest democracies while learning about religion, diversity, and politics.

June 1-July 5, 2015
Application Deadline: January 31, 2015
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U-M sponsored trips abroad, through the Center for Global and Intercultural Study are held nearly every summer, and many are led by the Southeast Asian language faculty. Check M-Compass for other programs, as well as the programs listed below.


Professors in various departments teach courses that focus on different parts of Southeast Asia. Please check the LSA courseguide for these, or contact our student services administrator Nancy Becker at nbecker@umich.edu. Many, but not all, of these courses are taught through the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, which offers a concentration in Southeast Asian Studies. Contact Ashlee Wolfe (ashwolfe@umich.edu) for more information. 

Language Learning and Funding 

CSEAS administers two academic grants for Southeast Asian studies for undergraduates: the First Year Language Award, offered to students taking 100-level Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, or Vietnamese; and the FLAS for undergraduates, a federally-funded grant for language and area studies. See the Fellowships and Grants section of our website for more details. 

In addition, CSEAS offers an award each spring to the best language student in each of the four Southeast Languages. This award is decided by the language faculty; no application is necessary. 

Language Learning Abroad

Please see Language Programs on our website for a list of immersion language programs in Southeast Asia. 

Campus Activities

There are a number of student-led organizations that focus on Southeast Asia and run cultural and social events on campus. CSEAS is proud to help sponsor many of these events. Check our calendar for details on upcoming events. Student groups include, among others: Filipino American Student Association, Indonesian Student Association, Singaporean Student Association, Thai Student Association, Thai Club, and the Vietnamese Student Association.