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The Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) at the University of Michigan is a U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center and one of the largest programs devoted to this region in the nation. CSEAS promotes a broader and deeper understanding of Southeast Asia and its people, cultures, and histories. More than 40 Southeast Asia specialists teach and pursue research in our affiliated departments.

The center depends on donors to keep our programs robust. Our initiatives focus on protecting our language programs in perpetuity as well as maintaining the Javanese gamelan program at the university. Thank you for your support!

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Southeast Asian Language Endowments +

Indonesian Language Endowment (731412)

Thai Language Endowment (731411)

Miller-Tran Endowment for Vietnamese Language Instruction  (731613)

These language endowments are used to support the teaching of Southeast Asian languages at Michigan, including the hiring and retention of our outstanding language lecturers and for student scholarships.

Javanese Gamelan Endowment +

Account number 731164
Started with a generous $8,000 bequest from Rosannah Steinhoff, who with her husband Bill was a loyal member of the Gamelan in the 1980's, this endowment supports educational programs, annual concerts, and upkeep of the University of Michigan Gamelan Ensemble, as well as visits and residencies by expert Javanese musicians, dancers and puppeteers.

Support the Javanese Gamelan at the University of Michigan ยป

Indonesian Studies Initiative +

Account number 312227
Indonesian Studies has long been a strength at the University of Michigan. Funds donated to the center's Indonesian Studies Initiative will support faculty and student research, and teaching and public programs on Indonesia at the university. If you are interested in endowing Indonesian Studies, please contact us.

Student Initiatives +

Undergraduate Initiatives (309964)

Michigan's superb undergraduates have few opportunities to "discover" Southeast Asia on their own. These funds provide incentives for undergraduates to avail themselves fully of our excellent faculty and library and language resources, setting these students on course for a life-long interest in the region. We seek to fund:

  • Undergraduate Language Scholarships encourage undergraduates to study one of our four languages - Filipino, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese - provide incentives to continue studying to the advanced level, and support summer language study.
  • Undergraduate Experiential Fellowships in Southeast Asia, allowing faculty to lead undergraduate research experiences in Southeast Asia.
Graduate Student Support (309966)

Our graduates over the past 50 years have taught and founded programs of study in major universities across the United States and around the world. We continue to attract the very best young students interested in the region, and finding ways to adequately support their education is more critical now than ever before. We seek to fund:

  • Named Scholarships for CSEAS MA students allow us to offer reliable support for students in a broad range of country and disciplinary fields, and to attract the very best students to Michigan.
  • Endowed fund for graduate student research supports field study and internships in Southeast Asia and participation in professional conferences.

Thai Studies Endowment +

Amnuay-Samonsri Viravan Endowment for Thai Studies (572202)

The creation of the Amnuay-Samonsri Viravan Endowment for Thai Studies at the University of Michigan was made possible with a $200,000 gift from Thai alumni Dr. Amnuay and Khunying Samonsri Viravan. This endowment serves to increase faculty, graduate and undergraduate student interest and involvement in Thailand and support Thai Studies at the Center and the University as a whole. Income from the endowment supports faculty research, teaching and curricular development about Thailand at the University, student opportunities for research and training, and outreach to schools, the community and business.

Amnuay-Samonsri Viravan Global Experience in Thailand Endowment (572182)

This endowment supports students who engage in educational experience in Thailand.

Amnuay-Samonsri Viravan Global Experience Expendable Fund (315054)

This fund supports undergraduate or graduate students in the Thai Studies Program who engage in educational and learning experiences in Thailand.

Philippine Studies Endowment +

Account number 731185
Initiated by generous gifts from the Filipino community in Southeast Michigan, this endowment supports the continued study of the Philippines and Filipino languages and cultures at the University of Michigan. Income from the endowment will support faculty research, teaching and curricular development about the Philippines at the University, student opportunities for research and training, and outreach to schools, the community and business.

Center Strategic Fund +

Account number 365095

Unrestricted gifts to this fund permit the Center Director to respond to new needs and opportunities as they arise, allowing a flexibility to offerings and initiatives that keeps Center programming current.

A history of leadership in Southeast Asian Studies +

The University of Michigan Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), established in 1961, is a recognized world leader in the scholarly study of Southeast Asia (Brunei, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam). U-M faculty involvement in the region since the 1870s spurred development of leading University library and museum collections, and a parade of distinguished faculty such as Bill Gedney, Pete Becker and Russ Fifield trained generations of leading scholars on the area. Today U-M continues a tradition of distinguished faculty associates throughout the University, in the humanities, social sciences, and professional schools, and offers introductory to advanced language instruction in four major regional languages. Building on these established strengths, extending them to new areas, and expanding both faculty and student ranks on what is still a relatively under-studied though dynamic part of the world requires constant investment.


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