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If you have found our website, it could be for reasons of curiosity: “What is a gamelan anyway?” Or, you could have a more focused curricular goal in mind: “How do I teach Strand IV: Using Scientific Knowledge in Physical Science, Standard IV.4 Waves and Vibrations (State of Michigan curriculum) in a way that is both effective and engaging for my students?”

While this site is primarily for public school teachers of all levels and disciplines, everyone is welcome to explore the resources here. The goals of the materials provided are two-fold: first, to explore the music and culture behind Central Javanese gamelan and Wayang shadow puppetry from an artistic and historical point of view; second, to use the gamelan as a tool for exploring subject areas not usually related to the arts, such as Science, and Physical fitness.

We have designed the layout to be as easy to browse as possible. There are many pop-up menus and text-boxes to help you get as much information as possible without the need to navigate away from the home page. While each lesson is completely readable online, there is also a downloadable version available if you choose to print it up for use in the classroom. Most of the resources are downloadable as well. This includes both audio files (all exist as mp3 files) and musical scores (converted to pdf format for your convenience). Unfortunately, video files can only be viewed online. In most cases, however, you can purchase a copy of the DVD from the CSEAS at the University of Michigan.

The gamelan is a resource that we want to share with teachers, students, and the general public. The best way to learn about the gamelan is to come and see it in person and have an opportunity to play it under the direction of one of our gamelan teachers. To that end, we host full-day teacher training workshops and class tours, through the CSEAS. Tours for the general public are coordinated with the Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments.

Thanks for your visit. Enjoy browsing,

Dr. Vera H. Flaig, Ethnomusicologist and Teacher

Dr. Jesse A. Johnston, Ethnomusicologist and Web Designer


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