Gamelan Endowment

Javanese Gamelan Endowment 

Account number 731164

In 2010, we established the Javanese Gamelan Endowment, building on a generous bequest from Rosannah Steinhoff, who with her husband Bill was a loyal member of the Gamelan Ensemble. This endowment supports programs in the Javanese performing arts at the University of Michigan, including concerts, outreach programs to the local community, and upkeep of the instruments of the gamelan itself. We continue to grow this important endowment, thereby safeguarding the Javanese performing arts at the University of Michigan.

The Javanese Gamelan Endowment account number is 731164. To make a donation, please navigate to the "Give Online" button on the homepage, and find the fund either by name or number. You can also donate by check, made out to the University of Michigan. Note the Gamelan Endowment in the memo line, and send to: 

1080 S. University Ave, Ste. 3603
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106.  

Thank you for your support.