K-14 Educational Materials

Filipino Children

The Dean C. Worcester Photographic Collection

New web exhibit from the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology

University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology | Batak Exhibit

Batak manuscripts collected in the early 20th century

Gamelan Education Project

The primary goal of this project is to provide materials, training, and resources to Ann Arbor teachers.

Gamelan and Wayang at U-M (Powerpoint presentation)

View a slideshow introduction to Javanese music and shadow puppetry.

Southeast Asian Music and Culture: Gamelan Education Project

Resources for teaching gamelan in classrooms

PBS documentaries on Cambodia and Indonesia available online through mid-June

Fifteen Thai Women

Fifteen Thai Women

Learn about contemporary women’s issues in Thailand

The following reproduces the International Institute exhibit presented by U-M students in January 2008.