About Anna Clark

Anna Clark received a 2010-2011 U.S. Student Fulbright fellowship to pursue creative writing and to facilitate writing workshops with young people in Nairobi, Kenya. Her writing has appeared in The Detroit Free Press, The American Prospect, Salon, The Nation, UTNE Reader, and AlterNet, among other publications. Anna edits the literary and culture website, Isak, and she contributes video book reviews to The Collagist, a literary magazine. She is a 2010 Fellow with the Peter Jennings Center for Journalists and the Constitution. Anna is a graduate of the University of Michigan's Residential College and Warren Wilson College's MFA Program for Writers. She lives in Detroit, Michigan.

Anna Clark guest authored several articles for The Detroit Free Press. In her writings, she explored how the experiences of creating a new Kenya and creating a new Detroit compare to each other. 

Detroiter begins Kenya expedition


Anna Clark wants to live in a city that is in the making, rather than one that is already made.

Beware of assigning Detroit a 'single story'


Fulbrighter realizes she is perhaps the only representative of Detroit that many Kenyans have encountered.

A struggle in Detroit and Nairobi to trust outside voices


In both cities many locals are often cynical about development efforts, at times for good reasons.

What Detroit can learn from entrepreneurship in Nairobi


A tale of two cities. Both Detroit and Nairobi host business incubators for technology entrepreneurs.

Reflections on Kenya

Read some of Anna's other work that appeared in Isak and Alternet.