My research project was an investigation into Italian Renaissance and Baroque vocal music. I took advantage of opportunities surrounding the study of this repertoire that are unique to Italy, such as studying with native Italian speakers and viewing historical performance venues. My research was divided into three stages: visiting historical spaces; shadowing; and course work. I spent eight days visiting historical performance spaces in Venice, Vicenza, and Mantova. The next eight days were spent observing rehearsals of the Opera Barga and Academia Arcadia. I finished with 10 days studying a the 45th Annual Urbino Musica Antica Festival in Urbino. 

What did she gain from this experience?

Without a doubt, the most valuable part of my experience was the time I spent studying at Urbino Musica Antica. The faculty members are leaders in their field and attract students from all over the world. In just 10 days, I met singers, instrumentalist, and faculty from Europe, North America, Asia, and South America.