My internship was hosted by the National Ambulance Service (NAS), under the Ministry of Health in Ghana. The purpose of the internship was to conduct a survey to assess the general population's knowledge surrounding ambulances, emergency medical care, and the barriers when accessing such care. I worked with advanced EMTs from the National Ambulance Service to implement the survey in the Greater Accra region. I spent my internship period completing pilot testing and data collection and will be working with the U.S.-based researchers to complete data analysis and write up. It is my hope, as well as the researchers I worked with, that our survey will be the first iteration in what may eventually become a standard evaluation tool for emergency medical services throughout the developing world. 

What did he gain from this experience?

The most important thing that I gained was learning to navigate the role of diplomat between the U.S.-based researchers and our local partners at the NAS. Many times during the early stages of the internship I felt that I was failing, the final result and positive responses from all parties involved seemed to suggest that I was able to deliver a product that met everyone's expectations.