Spring 2012 II Journal


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Cairo, Egypt–February 25, 2011: An Egyptian woman walks past a wall with the word Facebook spray painted on it. Facebook was an important communications tool Egyptians used to organize the anti-government demonstrations that brought down the regime of Hosni Mubarak on February 11, 2011.

New Media and the Middle East: 
Thinking Allowed (PDF)
Annabelle Sreberny looks at the role new media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) have played in political mobilizations across the globe. Video.


By comparing the distribution of nighttime lights to the distribution of human populations, it is possible to generate unusually precise estimates of the proportion of a country’s population living in lit areas. This approach does not need to rely on government self-reports that might be biased by political factors.

The Politics of Energy and What It Means for the Climate (PDF)
Brian Min explores the role governments play in supplying electricity and determining which sector of society gets priority in its delivery.


An 1858 engraving showing Calcutta from the esplanade. British troops and a lady with her children can be seen mixing with Indians. Engraver unknown. Photo by D. Walker.

Translating Human Rights Testimonies (PDF)
Christi Merrill discusses the ideological implications of translating literary texts, particularly in translations of works describing discrimination into the language of the colonizer.


Dominic Nardi with Aung San Suu Kyi, who was awarded the 21st Raoul Wallenberg Medal in absentia for her non-violent struggle on behalf of democracy and human rights in Myanmar.

Burmese Change: 
Opportunities for Myanmar? (PDF)
Graduate student Dominic Nardi delivered U-M's 21st Raoul Wallenberg Medal to Aung San Suu Kyi for her human rights work in Myanmar (formerly Burma). 


Colin Yee and a community health worker for NGO Tiyatien Health visit a home in rural Liberia.

Health Through Accompaniment 
in Rural Liberia (PDF)
Colin Yee traveled to Liberia with the help of an International Institute Individual Fellowship to complete an internship with NGO Tiyatien Health.