Islamic Studies Minor

This program allows students with an interest in Islam and its historical and contemporary expressions in various world contexts to undertake a guided and coherent program that will explore these varied expressions of Islam in our world. The intended audience includes anyone with an interest in Islamic religion and its cultural and historical expressions. This might be a useful academic minor for students with concentrations in History, Anthropology, Near Eastern Studies, Asian Studies, South East Asian Studies and Political Science.


Paul Love, a Graduate Student Instructor in Near Eastern Studies, will be advising students with an academic minor in Islamic Studies. Students will be required to formulate a coherent academic minor plan in consultation with the Islamic Studies advisor; the plan formulated will reflect an interdisciplinary and cross-regional approach to the subject of Islam. Appointments can be made with Paul Love by e-mailing

ISP Course List (Fall 2014)


None for the academic minor per se, although individual courses elected to meet the requirements of the academic minor may have course prerequisites.


Minimum 16 credits. At least twelve of the sixteen required credits for the academic minor must be elected at the University of Michigan or at an overseas program associated with U-M. Language courses may not be counted toward the academic minor. Requirements include AAPTIS 262 (Introduction to Islam) and four other courses on Islam or on Muslim societies, two of which must be upper-level courses with one of these to be elected at the 400-level.

To ensure a breadth of contextual engagement, the student is required to elect courses that reflect at least two different regional foci.

Grade Grievance Policy