Digital Islam Participant Bios



Muzammil Hussain

Instructor in Communication, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies, Institute for Social Research, U-M.


Pauline Jones Luong

ISP Director, Professor of Political Science, Director of the ISP, International Institute, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts & Faculty Associate, Ctr for Political Studies, Institute for Social Research, U-M.


Visiting Speakers

Alexander Sodiqov

Alexander Sodiqov is a doctoral student in Comparative Politics at the University of Toronto. He received an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the Russian-Tajik Slavonic University (RTSU) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and a Master’s degree in Conflict, Development and Security from the University of Leeds, UK. Sodiqov has worked for local NGOs, the OSCE, and the UN in Tajikistan, and also taught at the RTSU. Sodiqov's interests range from nationalism and identity politics to Islam and social media in Central Asia. 


Del Schwab

Wendell Schwab is currently a senior undergraduate adviser at Pennsylvania State University.  He finished his Ph.D. in anthropology at Indiana University and has published articles on Islam in Central Asia in journals such as Central Asian Survey and Contemporary Islam.  His work has focused on new Islamic movements in Kazakhstan and the links between political and financial patronage and everyday Islam.


Sarah Kendzior

Sarah Kendzior studies digital media and politics in former Soviet states, in particular Uzbekistan. She has a Ph.D. in anthropology from Washington University and an M.A. in Central Eurasian Studies from Indiana University. Her research has been published in many academic journals, including American Ethnologist, the Journal of Communication, and Central Asian Survey. She is a columnist for Al Jazeera English and the Chronicle of Higher Education, and a contributor to Politico, Foreign Policy and other media outlets.


Noah Tucker

Noah Tucker is managing editor at and an associate at George Washington University's Elliot School of International Affairs Central Asia Program. Noah is a researcher and consultant for NGO, academic and government clients on Central Asian society and culture. He has worked on Central Asian issues since 2002--particularly religion, national identity, ethnic conflict and social media--and received an MA from Harvard in Russian, E. European and Central Asian Studies in 2008. He has lived in Uzbekistan and Russia and has extensively traveled throughout Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, returning most recently for fieldwork in Southern Kyrgyzstan in the summer of 2012.