This guide lists courses offered at U-M that fulfill concentration requirements for the LACS undergraduate concentration program, the LACS academic minor, or the LACS graduate certificate. Visit our Graduate Student page for more information on advanced study at U-M.

Longer descriptions and additional information for each course can be found in the LSA on-line course guide. For more information, please contact us at 734.763-3025 or by e-mail. In some cases course descriptions may change, courses may be removed before the beginning of the semester, or new classes may be added.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

Courses up to the 400 level may count toward the LACS concentration or minor.

Graduate Courses Offerings

Courses numbered 600 and above count toward the LACS Graduate Certificate. A few 400 level courses may count toward it also, but must be discussed with the LACS Advisor.