Any student with a bachelor's degree who has been admitted to, or is currently enrolled in, a graduate program at the University of Michigan is eligible to apply for a graduate certificate in Latin American and Caribbean studies. Applicants should have at least a B average.

To apply, submit the following materials to LACS:

Proposed Graduate Program: Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Program Code: 01635
Plan: Certificate

  • A transcript of college-level work
  • A letter of support from your U-M faculty advisor
  • A list of proposed courses that will fulfill the certificate requirements
  • A statement of purpose explaining your interest in the certificate program and your background in Latin American and Caribbean studies

In addition, you may need to complete:

  • The Rackham Graduate Program Application process. Required only of U-M graduate students who are in, or will be entering, a graduate program not affiliated with Rackham, e.g., law, medicine, or business. Please also contact us for more information.

And you should also look over:

  • The Rackham Dual/Joint Degree Election Form (also known as Form 6010). Note: this form is not needed for admission. It is only required that you submit it before you receive your LACS certificate. However, it is a useful planning document.