KF Global e-School

The Nam Center for Korean Studies is the administrative host of the CIC Korean Studies e-School. One of the few consortiums to be officially designated by the Korea Foundation Global e-School Initiative, the CIC e-School is composed of member schools in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, a group of 15 world-class research institutions that collaborate to share expertise and resources.

The KF Global e-School Initiative was launched by the Korea Foundation in 2011 in order to address fast-growing demand at overseas universities to expand the roster of Korea-related lecture courses available to students. The CIC e-School, launched in 2012, combines video conferencing technology to stream lectures of Korean studies courses together with offline programs, such as academic workshops and seminars.

A leader in collaborative distance learning, the Nam Center is paving the way to make non-local resources available to students throughout the Midwest, and acting as a model for new ways of teaching and learning. For details regarding participating universities and courses available via the CIC e-School, please access the site here.