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About the CIC Korean Studies e-SchoolA part of the Korea Foundation e-school initiative.

As part of the Korea Foundation’s global e-school initiative, the CIC e-School consortium, leverages the existing distance learning framework of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) to establish a program of high quality instruction in Korean Studies.

The structure of the CIC e-School is based on the key notion that each course is taught as a cluster composed of a host campus, where the course is being physically taught, and home campus(es) where the classroom exists virtually. The variety of courses offered in any given year will be based on the existing courses offered by the CIC partner universities.

The CIC e-School features a variety of instructional assistance, administrative support, and grants, through which existing Korean Studies faculty members are incentivized to make course curricula available outside of their home campus and develop new courses.

The CIC Korean Studies e-School is composed of a director supported by an administrator based at the University of Michigan Nam Center for Korean Studies and assisted by faculty liaisons from other participating universities. Dr. Nojin Kwak, the director of the Nam Center for Korean Studies at the University of Michigan, serves as the director of the CIC Korean Studies e-School.

The CIC e-School consortium proposes to become a leader in the development of Korean Studies and make the Midwest a new magnet for scholarship on Korea.

Director’s MessageProfessor Nojin Kwak

All of the participating universities in the Korea Foundation CIC Korean Studies e-School are tremendously excited in this project which brings the consortium of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation's infrastructure to enhance the study of Korea in the Midwest. We are proud to bring this innovative program designed to connect the best of Korea-related instruction available among Midwestern schools with students eager to develop their knowledge of this area. Here, we seek to create ties among undergraduate Koreanists at various campuses with video-conference mediated instruction and physical as well as virtual interactions.

In a short period of time, the e-School project is enabling students to deepen their knowledge of Korea, bringing high-quality instruction to campuses where the interest in Korean Studies is burgeoning, and also providing new perspectives on Korea for students who already have a strong foundation in Korean studies. We believe that e-School anticipates a decentralized, organic community of Korean studies students and scholars to meet the demands of a growing interest in the important position that the Korean peninsula and its peoples hold on the global stage. It is our goal to bring opportunities for students to come to understand a place very distant from the classroom, often in a time not their own, and filled with people very different from themselves.

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