ASIAN270 (U-M) | GSAH 200; sec 301 (MSU)

Introduction to Korean Civilization: the Premodern Period (U-M)

Premodern Korean History and Culture in Global Contexts (MSU)

Course Number: ASIAN270 (U-M), GSAH 200; sec 301 (MSU)

Times: Monday/Wednesday 1:00-2:30

Instructor: Juhn Ahn

This course will serve as a general introduction to Korean history and culture from earliest times to the nineteenth century. A broad historical overview of the various social, economic, political, and religious traditions in premodern Korea will be accompanied by a brief but in-depth discussion of, among other things, the sense of time, space, history, language, body, self, and salvation that we find in the institutions, ideas, and practices of these traditions. Topics to be discussed in this course also include the relation between state, family, gender, and class. Students will be asked to explore these and other topics by applying a context-sensitive reading and critical analysis of the material that will be covered in this course. There are no prerequisites, but some background in the study of history and culture is recommended. Readings will include both primary material in translation and secondary scholarship.

Hosting University: University of Michigan

Participating University: Michigan State University