Modern Korean Literature

Modern Korean Literature

Course Number: ASIAN375 (U-M), KOR498 (PSU), ASIAN 291.301 (MSU)

Times: Monday/Wednesday 1:00-2:30 (ET)

Instructor: Youngju Ryu

Throughout the twentieth century in Korea, literature provided the heated battleground for social and political contestations. In this class, we will read major works of modern Korean fiction in English translation and explore the relationship between literature and politics within a historical context that spans from the end of Confucian monarchy to colonialism, civil war, authoritarianism, democratization, and neoliberalization. Central to this exploration is the theme of modernity. Rather than take modernity as given, we will ask what other modalities of life and systems of understanding it has replaced. Topics of discussion will include: tradition and nativism, enlightenment and nostalgia, imperialist, nationalist and communist ideologies, urban space and culture, gender roles, changing conceptions of private life, and aesthetics of commitment.

Hosting University: University of Michigan

Academic Calendar: Unless specified by the course instructor, the course will follow the host campus' academic calendar.

Participating Universities: Penn State University, Michigan State University