Two Koreas: Political Economy and Regional Rivalry

Two Koreas: Political Economy and
Regional Rivalry

Course Number: IS 5050 (OSU), EAS 301 (UW), IDIS 49100-001/HIST 30200/POL 3480-69817 (Purdue)

Times: Tuesday/Thursday 2:20-3:40(EST)/1:20-2:40(CT)

Instructor: Young-Bae Hwang

The main objective of this course is to provide students with the introductory understanding on the Korean peninsula. While we look at various theoretical and historical explanations, this course will focus on the nature of North and South Korean regional rivalry and its global impacts. We will examine various security issues including North Korean nuclear threat, military alliances, and reunification prospects. In addition, we will discuss several economic issues such as the differential growth paths, South Korea’s rapid growth, and recent economic woes in both Koreas.

Hosting Universities: The Ohio State University

Participating Universities: Purdue University, University of Wisconsin

Academic Calendar: Unless specified by the course instructor, the course will follow the host campus' academic calendar.