Program--NEKST 2014



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  • Conference Date: May 16-17, 2014
  • Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: February 28, 2014  


Friday, May 16

Location: Michigan Union Pendleton Room

9:00 - Panel I: Media, Modernity, and Politics

Discussant: Nora Hauk, Anthropology, University of Michigan

Modernity over the Screen: A Study on “A Short Story from Movies” of Chosun Ilbo in 1937

Mijoo Lim, Seoul National University

A Study on 1960s and 1990s Japanese Pop Culture Discourses: Koreans’ Long-established Ambivalence about Japan and their Solution to Handle It

Jimin Jung, Yonsei University

Forgetting Daechuri: An Analysis of Mainstream Media Coverage on the Violent Eviction of Daechuri and Activism during the Expansion of USFK Camp Humphreys

Anat Schwartz, University of California Irvine

First Love and Remasculinization

Saerom Bae, Yonsei University

10:45 - Break

11:00 - Panel 2: Within and Beyond the Colonial Limits

Discussant: Micah Auerback (Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Michigan)

Stone Gorge Lee: Medicine, Confucianism, and Political Dissent in Colonial Period Korea

James Flowers, Johns Hopkins University

A Half Success: The First Olympics for Colonial Korea

Seok Lee, University of Pennsylvania

A Study on Yi Gwang-su’s Autobiographical Novel of the Period of Liberation

Seon-ae Heo, Seoul National University

12:30 - Lunch

2:30 - Panel 3: Border-Crossings of Contemporary Korea

Discussant: Penny Von Eschen (History and American Culture, University of Michigan)

Shortsighted North Korean Defectors Resettlement Policy in South Korea: Policy Analysis and Alternatives

Eleanor Yoon, University of Southern California

China’s Triple-Korea Problem: Transborder Peoples and Transborder Sentiments

David Lundquist, University of Michigan, Center for Chinese Studies

Building Trust on the Korean Peninsula: An Assessment of ‘Trustpolitik’ for Inter-Korean Relations and Northeast Asia

Stephanie Nayoung Kang, Pacific Forum CSIS

The Rise of Late Study Abroad: South Korean Educational Migrants in Los Angeles

Carolyn Areum Choi, University of Southern California

4:30 - Film Screening Discussion The Terror LIVE (2013)

Location: Room 2609 International Institute/School of Social Work Building


Saturday, May 17

Location: Educational Conference Center International Institute/School of Social Work Building

9:00 - Panel 4: Translation and Korean Literature

Discussant: Irhe Sohn (Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Michigan)

The Testimony of the Printing Form: The Translation of Tyeonroryukjeong (1895) and the Traditions of Korean Language in the late 19th Century

Moon-seok Jang, Seoul National University

“Hanshi (Literary Chinese Poetry) Modernism” and the Formative Stages of Modern Poetry in 1920’s Korea: Focusing on Translation of Hanshi and the Creation of “Noble Poem” – Chosun’s first Modern Poet Kim Uk

Ki-In Chong, Seoul National University

Translating Western Modernity in Lee Shanhyŏp’s Adaptive Translation of Mary Braddon’s Run to Earth

Hyo Woo, University of Pittsburgh

Needs for Identity: Appropriation of Existentialism in Critical Writings in the Liberation Period, 1945-1950

Sunghee Hong, Yonsei University

10:45 - Break

11:00 - Panel 5: Re/presentation of Chosŏn Korea

Discussant: Hitomi Tonomura (History and Women's Studies, University of Michigan)

Embedded agenda: Writing about Music in an Eighteenth-century Korean Encyclopedia

Anthony Law, University of Maryland, College Park

The Probability of Time: A Preliminary Research on The Influence of
Jinguqiguan 今古奇觀 on Narrative Time Sense of Joseon Readers

Jinsu Kim, Seoul National University

Let Them Eat Royal Court Cuisine!: Re-imagining the Food of the Joseon Dynasty as the Prototype of Korean Cuisine

Chi-Hoon Kim, Indiana University