Shifting Meanings: Translation in Children's & Young Adult Literature

There are many ways to translate a literary text from one language into another.  The nature of meaning in literature changes depending on words chosen to convey an idea, cultural contexts, and any visual imagery that is displayed.    In this interactive day-long workshop, you will learn ideas behind interpretive and literal translation by exploring Chinese-, Japanese- and Korean-themed children’s and young adult literature.   This workshop will include hands-on activities, thoughtful presentations, and an exploration of library materials and teaching methodologies.  Afternoon sessions have been co-developed by the International Institute team and University of Michigan librarians.  Enjoy exploring the resources and spaces on campus that offer community extensions to learning and education.  Take-home packets and lunch will be provided, and 5 CE credits are offered.

9:00am-4:00pm, UM International Institute & UM Library

AM session at International School for Social Work Building, 1080 South University, Ann Arbor
PM session at the U-M Library on Central Campus