Study Abroad Funding

Support (IS) Majors/Minors

The Program in International and Comparative Studies (PICS) encourages International Studies degree students, both majors and minors, to study abroad. PICS provides financial assistance to  a limited number of students enrolled in the international studies program and registered for an approved U-M study abroad program, either during the academic year or during the spring and/or summer terms. An approved program is defined as one organized by the U-M's Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS).  PICS funds may be used for travel, living expenses, or to offset the cost of tuition.

For a full academic year study abroad (Fall and Winter) students receive $2,000; for one semester study abroad (Fall or Winter ) students receive $1,000; and for Spring or Summer study abroad students receive $500.

The PICS Study Abroad Fellowship Application is now available in MCompass. For more  information, contact:  Please note that PICS funds are limited and the funding is not guaranteed.

Kevin Chung

The PICS study abroad grant provided Kevin W. Chung the opportunity to study in Copenhagen, Denmark, for six weeks this summer. The International Studies major focused on renewable energy systems and livability in modern cities.