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ASRI has an international steering committee that consists of faculty members from the University of Michigan, South Africa and Ghana representing various disciplines from political science and health sciences to economics and medical anthropology.

ASRI currently consists of three intersecting subgroups organized around research on democratic governance and distributive politics; income dynamics and poverty; and gender, health and development.

Each subgroup endeavors to sustain scholarly partnerships that rely on multi-method approaches to engage in data collection and analysis. This list may expand as new faculty join ASRI or current faculty change or adopt new research interests.

The cross-fertilization among the subgroups through shared research agendas and conferences underscores the value of inter-disciplinary approaches and has contributed greatly to the high visibility that ASRI enjoys on the UM campus and among its partner institutions. ASRI now has a sufficient institutional presence that it was also named as a critical resource in the successfully funded $1.75M Ghana-Michigan PARTNER grant, a 5-year initiative that supports teams of US and Ghanaian interdisciplinary post-doctoral fellows and their mentors to focus on critical global health challenges. ASRI was also included as a key contributor to several grant proposals. For more details: