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Guidance on the Research Proposal

Please ensure that your research proposal clearly states the following:

  • Goals and range of work you hope to complete in the four to six months at U-M. The expectation is that many applicants will be continuing or completing research they have already begun.
  • If you intend to begin a new area of research, please explain how much of the topic you will be able to cover and how you would complete the work once back in your home country.
  • Note the likely outcomes of your work at U-M, for instance the completion of a manuscript, submission of articles, etc.

Submit via email to a statement of proposed research that does not exceed five double-spaced pages in length. If proposing to do research, please include the following:

  • Background of your project
  • Research Problem
  • Technical Approach
  • Milestones
  • References

If proposing a period of writing, indicate the scope of your writing project and goals.