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The following list includes current courses in and related to Armenian studies. Please see our course archive for lists from previous years.

Independent studies and directed reading courses may also be used when appropriate. Please consult the LSA Course Guide and relevant department for details.

For more information about the Major and Minor in Armenian Studies, please contact the Department of Near Eastern Studies.

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Courses in Armenian Studies by ASP Faculty and Visitors  

ARMENIAN 201.001/ARMENIAN 601.001 - Intermediate Western Armenian I (Pifer, Michael Bedrosian) 4 credits
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NEAREAST 218.001 - Armenia: Culture and Ethnicity (Pifer, Michael Bedrosian) 3 credits
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ARMENIAN 389.001/HISTORY 389.001 - From Natives to Foreigners: Armenians in Turkey and the Diaspora (Al-Rustom, Hakem Amer)  3 credits
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Courses related to Armenian Studies by ASP Faculty 

HISTORY 196.002 - First Year Seminar in Social Sciences: History of Our Own Times (Suny, Ronald G) 3 credits
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HISTORY 202.001 - Doing History (Al-Rustom, Hakem Amer) 3 credits
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HISTORY 332.001/SOC 392.001/POLSCI 395.001/REEES 395.001/SLAVIC 395.001 - Russia and the Soviet Union: Reform, Revolution, and the Socialist Experiment
(Suny, Ronald G) 4 credits
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INTLSTD 401.005 - International Studies Advanced Seminar: Never Again? Genocides & Mass Atrocities of the 20th Century (Tanielian, Melanie Schulze) 3 credits
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NEAREAST 422.001/RELIGION 467.001 - Shi'ism: The History of Messianism and the Pursuit of Justice in Islamdom (Babayan, Kathryn) 3 credits
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