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Self-Initiated (MA and...)

Dual degree in Japanese Studies and another U-M graduate degree program

The Center for Japanese Studies welcomes students who wish to combine interdisciplinary training in Japanese Studies with another master's degree, professional degree or graduate certificate at the University of Michigan.  Any existing graduate degree or certificate except MBA and JD degrees which have a pre-established dual/joint degree program can be combined with the Japanese Studies MA degree.  In recent years, students have combined the Japanese Studies MA degree with degrees in information/library science, public policy, health sciences, and engineering, and graduate certificates in museum studies and women's studies among others.

Students enrolled in the self-initiated dual degree program complete all requirements of both degree programs and receive two separate degrees.  The two degrees may or may not be awarded simultaneously.

Important note: Enrollment in a PhD program following the completion of the Japanese Studies MA is considered sequential and not a self-initiated dual degree.  Students typically apply to the PhD program in the second year of the MA and complete the MA degree in May or August prior to beginning the PhD program in September.

Application Process

In order to pursue a self-initiated dual degree program, students must apply to and be admitted by both degree programs.  Each program requires a separate application, has its own deadline, and applies its own standards of admission.  Only students who are admitted to both degree programs may become a dual degree student.  Students may apply simultaneously to both degree programs, or start in one program and apply to add a second program after completing one term of study in the first program.  Students interested in adding a Graduate Certificate program must first enroll in and complete one term of a graduate degree program.  If you are applying simultaneously to two programs as a new student to UM, you will complete two separate admission applications as a new student, one for each degree, and must meet all admission requirements and deadlines for each program.  Please be sure to indicate on both applications that you are applying to another program.

Students who are interested in pursing a self-initiated dual degree are encouraged to contact the CJS Academic Services Coordinator at early in the process for consultation.