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Financing Your CJS MA

Tuition and Living Expenses

Tuition and fees are set annually by the University of Michigan Board of Regents.  Current tuition information is available on the Office of Registrar website.  Scroll down the page to the College of Literature, Science and the Arts section and use theRackham link to get to the correct tuition rate for CJS MA students.

Rackham Graduate School's website has basic information on the cost of attendance for graduate students with links to further information.

Office of Financial Aid's website contains an estimated budget for tuition, books and living expenses.

Merit-Based Fellowships

Detailed information about merit-based fellowships for students available from the Center for Japanese Studies is presented in the Student Funding section of this website.  Incoming CJS MA students (students applying for admission) are eligible to apply for the following fellowships:

  • Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship: Administered by the East Asia National Resource Center, of which CJS is part, this fellowship provides full tuition and stipend for the study of Japanese language and area studies.  Must be US citizen or permanent resident at the time of application.  Incoming CJS MA students are eligible to be considered for the Academic Year fellowship and apply for it by answering the appropriate questions on the admission application.
  • CJS Academic Year Fellowship: Administered by the Center, this fellowship provides tuition support that ranges from a few thousand dollars to full tuition.  Incoming CJS MA students apply for this fellowship by answering the appropriate questions on the admission application.

In addition, the Center encourages students to apply for external fellowships and scholarships from government agencies and foundations.

Need-Based Financial Aid

The Center is unable to provide merit-based funding to all admitted students.  The majority of students in the MA program pay their own way through a combination of their own savings, family support, part time employment, and need based financial aid.

Students who are US citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to apply for need-based financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid.  Need based financial aid for graduate students uses a different formula to calculate financial need than that for undergraduates; because parental contribution is not expected for graduate education, most graduate students qualify for need based financial aid.  Typical need based financial aid package for graduate students consists mostly of subsidized and unsubsidized loans, with small amounts of work-study and grants.  For more information on need based financial aid for graduate students, see this page on the Office of Financial Aid website.

Assistantships and Part Time Employment

It is possible for qualified CJS MA students to be appointed to teaching or research assistantships though this is quite rare.  Teaching assistantships, called Graduate Student Instructorships (GSI) at UM, are posted and hired by individual teaching units (departments).  CJS is NOT a teaching unit and does not have GSI appointments.  All open GSI positions are posted on the University of Michigan's employment site.  Research assistants are hired by individual faculty and may be paid by the hour or on a salaried appointment.

Students work a variety of part time jobs on campus from checking out books at the library to assisting faculty with research.  Student positions are administered by the Office of Student Employment; open positions are listed on this website.