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Islands Symposium

The 2013 II Fall Symposium asks, "What is the Future for Islands?" This interdisciplinary symposium examines islands' roles in the political, cultural, and ecological realms, tackling urgent questions about the possible futures for islands in a world of increasing global interconnection and environmental change.

Panel 1 - Godfrey Baldacchino

"Small Island States: Vulnerable, Resilient, Doggedly Perseverant, or Cleverly Opportunistic?"

Panel 3 - Susan Najita

"Genea-logics of Hawai'i Island: Relationships between Living Organisms"

Panel 2 - John Gillis

"Not Continents in Miniature: Islands as Ecotones"

Panel 4 - Elizabeth DeLoughrey

"The Sea is Rising: Narrating Climate Change in the Pacific"