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New Media Symposium

New Media/Social Change symposium questions the impact “new media” (social, network, digital) have had on cultural and political formations and practices and how this impact relates to area studies. Leading scholars from across the U.S. and Europe, along with prominent U-M faculty, address the following:

  • How have new media changed the way world regions function and are imagined?
  • How have new media reshaped the study of international questions and locations?
  • How may news media and other reporters of news be put at risk by changing technologies and practices?

Panel 1 - James Der Derian

“Adrift in Berlin: Global Media, Quantum Leaps, and the Re-territorialization of Area Studies”

Panel 3 - Victoria Bernal

“From 'The Social Network' to 'The Facebook Revolution': Reflections on Culture and New Media”

Panel 5 - Annabelle Sreberny

"New Media and the 'Middle East': Thinking Allowed"

Panel 2 - E. Gabriella Coleman

“From Digital Direct Action to Leaking:
How to Understand the Politics of Anonymous”

Panel 4 - Joe Straubhaar

“From Diaspora to Plurality in Tejas: The Multi-Layered Cultural Geography of Latino Identity and Media Use”